Our Acupuncture Patients Love Us

"Truly amazing. I felt very not well with allergies when I made an appointment. This acupuncture put life back in me. I wish I lived closer so I could continue to go. Thank you so much!!"
Stephanie Cootware

"When I started treatment here, I was rather miserable with advanced prostate cancer treatment and wearing an embedded catheter. After approximately six months of treatment with Dr. B, the embedded catheter is gone, and I am continuing to improve."
Daniel White-Oduda

I came in due to a fall I took at the end of Feb. The result of the fall was pain on my left side of my neck. Pain also ran down my left arm. I believe between my treatment with Marty and my visit with you I'm feeling much better. I really took a turn for the better about 5 days after my visit with you. I will be sure and contact you in the future especially the cupping I really enjoyed that!!


"After some nagging shoulder pain, I had a treatment with Ahna. Along with a Chinese supplement and rub, my pain is gone. I’ve seen other acupuncturists over the years, but Ahna is by far the most gentle and experienced that I've seen. Highly recommended."
Source Media Group International, LLC

My 16-year-old daughter, a Nordic skier, was suffering from what many believed was the beginning of Compartment Syndrome, not a great diagnosis for any young person! Volodar gently stepped into our lives, treated Eleanore both in his studio and at our house, and after several sessions and his healing touch, Eleanore's symptoms disappeared. Volodar is professional in every way. My daughter is the anti fan of needles and he helped ease her into his therapy, which she ended up really liking. Volodar extended his care of Eleanore beyond the studio, suggesting some good therapy for home. Volodar also softly reminded me when it was time for his to see Eleanore again. We feel lucky to have him both as a friend and a health care resource!

Carolyn Hamilton

"I was skeptical to try acupuncture for some carpal tunnel issues that I experienced during my pregnancy. After my first session with Ahna, I noticed a huge difference in the flexibility and durability of my wrists and fingers. I am now on my fourth session, and I am relaxing into the procedure even more with every time, and I am really enjoying my body's response to it. I am so grateful for Ahna and her practice! 🙂 Highly recommend!!"
Lauren C.

I had suffered with unbearable daily headaches for years. I saw a numerous of doctors. I had CT scans and MRIs of my neck, back, and head. My pain was extreme. It was a Neurosurgeon that referred me to Volodar. The Neurosurgeon said Volodar had helped him, and strongly recommended that I seek Volodar's acupuncture treatment. The Neurosurgeon even wrote in his letter to my primary care physician that this is the recommended treatment for my headaches. My experience with acupuncture has been truly life altering. After being treated my Volodar, my headaches have virtually disappeared. I went to Volodar with one issue and to my surprise he treated a multitude of nagging old issues with amazing success. He was able to identify prior injuries that were continuing to affect my health and treated them effectively. He treated my carpal tunnel, and as I write this testimonial, I am pain free. He was treated my TMJ and I feel a great relieve in my jaw and head. I highly recommend Volodar if you are looking to improve your life. Volodar has a kind demeanor that put me at ease. His acupuncture and cupping techniques are healing and relaxing. He is extremely knowledgeable in his practice. Volodar thoughtfully explains the procedures in eloquent detail. I have received exceptional care by Volodar. I want to express the gratitude for Volodar. He has given me my life back through acupuncture. It is through his treatment that my overall health and moods have significantly improved. His intuitive knowledge complemented by his background in orthopedics gives Volodar a unique perspective on acupuncture and healing.

Corinne Petra

"I injured my shoulder in a car accident in May of 2017. It never fully healed with physical therapy. I've also had tennis elbow for a year. The pain in my shoulder and elbow has been constant. I am amazed that Dr. Ahna has eliminated all of my pain in just 7 weeks. My sciatica had been bothering me for about 1-2 months, and she eliminated that problem on my first visit. I will continue getting acupuncture for the rest of my life for maintenance. Dr. Ahna is the BEST!"
Windy E.

I was referred to Volodar after suffering an attack of viral labyrinthitis in June of 2014, which resulted in severe vertigo and hearing loss in my right ear. I was initially treated by my general physician, who strongly recommended that I seek additional treatment from Volodar to help with my hearing loss. When I called him he recognized the need for urgency and made time in his schedule that day for me. Upon meeting with Volodar, I instantly felt that I was in good care. He made sure to understand what I had been through with my vertigo symptoms and diagnosis. He then did an overall health evaluation with the intention of focusing on my hearing loss and combined both acupuncture and cupping therapy in my treatment. Because this was a first for me, I appreciated the time he took to explain each procedure and make sure I was comfortable with each step. I left our first meeting feeling positive results and looking forward to additional treatment, which we scheduled for later that week. At our next meeting Volodar was able to perform slightly more aggressive cupping and acupuncture treatments as I now had a clear understanding of, and was completely comfortable with, TCM practices. He followed up with an herb mixture he had created for me to drink as a tea for the next 7 days. I left Volodar's care feeling physically renewed and aware that the hearing in my right ear had improved. I followed his instructions with the herbs. Both my balance and hearing continued to improve over the course of the next week. I'm confident that Volodar's care and treatment helped to minimize the long term effects of my bout with viral labyrinthitis.


“From the first time I went to Ahna's office, she showed high respect for me and my health concerns. She listened and understood my frustration with not being able to digest many of the foods that were good for me and not lose weight no matter what I tried. We started investigating what I was allergic to, and one food allergy at a time was treated. Four months later, I can happily say I am eating healthier than ever with very few digestive problems, and I'm losing weight and not starving! Thank you, Ahna, for being patient and cheering me on along the way.”
Ruth Robinson-Swanson

I'm set for my second hip surgery, and not only is anxiety up, but stiffness and tension. I really need an athletic release, but I physically can't. I don't like needles or knives, but I can't stand being crippled and the emotional place that that puts me. In seeing Volodar's calm, I thought maybe he has the ability to bring some sort of calm to my life. I tried the cupping and acupuncture (not holding out much hope). I've been pleasantly surprised and my fiancé says that it has made a big difference in a similar way that sports has on me. Even my sleeping has hugely improved after a lifetime of being an insomniac. It's a weird process, but oddly calming and one I plan to do again under Volodar's huge amount of knowledge and calm. Lysbeth I wanted to share how Volodar helped my daughter. My 11 year old daughter has been struggling with digestive issues for as long as I can remember. She has had terrible abdominal pains and nausea for many years and missed a ton of school as a result (14 days in 1 semester alone). After her pediatrician, allergist and gastroenterologist were unable to find a cause I looked to Volodar for help. After her first session she noticed a marked difference in comfort. Several sessions later, she was completely out of pain and nausea. It was truly amazing. The following semester she only missed a couple of days from the flu. We now go for cupping/acupuncture tune ups a few times a year. Thank you Volodar for changing my daughter's life!!!

Sincerely, Christy Cheney

"I have known Ahna personally for multiple years now, and she is a very conscientious person who is 100% devoted to her profession. I would highly recommend her."
Jon L.

“I worked with Dr. Ahna on Sinus trouble and PMS related issues. I had tremendous success with both issues. The very first time I had acupuncture, I had an out-of-body experience that was quite unforgettable. I have since learned that that is not a totally uncommon experience for a first-time client. I would highly recommend Dr. Ahna to anyone considering.”
Lisa Hartman

“Ahna gave my 17-year old granddaughter a transformative experience she will not soon forget. Neither will her parents, or will I. We are so grateful.”
Don K, CA

“Great for pain! I first went to Amazing Acupuncture three months after I had a car accident. For those three months prior I went to a chiropractor twice a week and one massage a week. It wasn't doing more than taking the taking the edge off my pain. My first treatment with Dr. Ahna cut my pain in half. It continues to help with pain from my accident and other problems that arise. Thanks Amazing Acupuncture!”
Joshua H, AZ

“When I started treatment here last year I was feeling rather miserable with advanced prostate cancer and urinary issues aided by an embedded catheter and leg bag. After approximately six months of treatment and Asian medicine the catheter is gone and I am continuing to improve. I chose this option for treatment along with other dietary changes over the conventional radiation therapy and its side effects. So far I am very pleased with the progress and the results.”
Daniel W, AZ

“This is my first experience with Acupuncture and Ancient Methods of healing the body.

My original interest was to relieve sciatica pain on my right side. Volodar started immediately on digestion as well as sciatica. It never occurred to me to work on that!

The treatments are painless, yet enable me to completely relax my whole body, often falling asleep. It's a lovely experience.

The results, so far, are definite improvements in many aspects of bodily functions from digestive work. Further, though, I went on a moderate hike after not doing so for about 2 months. Amazingly, I never experienced the usual pain in various places that always occur after a hike! Awesome!

I love this form of healing!”
Terry in Sedona